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Complete system
1\Nano Drug Carrying Emulsion System
Designed for material preparation in the areas of bioengineering, LVP, oral solutions, fine chemistry, etc., the automatic solution preparation system can effectively eliminate the risk of cross contamination and product contamination during preparation, thereby improving the productivity and reliability of product; every detail is carefully designed based on the latest GMP of China to meet the actual production requirements so as to address various solution preparation requirements with optimal design.

Principal features of the system:

1\Sterile design and dead zone-free moving area minimize residues
2\Touch screen PLC control; one-touch operation; concrete and clear process flow diagram; fully automatic solution preparation and material transfer——simple, convenient and user-friendly
3\The automatic CIP system and SIP system enable automatic in-process SIP and CIP, which helps to reduce the production costs and labor intensity
4\Automatic in-process inspection of filter integrity
5\Automatic in-process real-time monitoring of weight, and automatic setting of constant volume
6\Automatic real-time monitoring, recording and printing of various related data

2\Nano Liposome Extrusion System

The in-process high pressure membrane extruder is exclusively designed for production of high pressure membrane extruding system, where the diaphragm metering pump offers thrust push; the sample particles are forcibly pressed by special high pressure resistant microporous membrane and high pressure resistant microporous metal sheet to achieve sample particle size that is smaller than pore diameter of microporous membrane, and extremely narrow particle size distribution.
1. Various microporous membranes enable the sample particle size and its distribution to be controllable.
2. The temperature is highly controllable thanks to the jacket design filled with thermostatic water.
3. The sample handling capacity is dependent on the flow rate of diaphragm pump, which contributes to high speed.
4. The contact portion of product is made of forged stainless steel 316L.
5. The uniform microporous sheet electroformed from nickel sheet is smooth, flat, and resistant to high pressure.
6. At the product contact portion, Ra<0.4μm; electro-polished.
Diameter of high pressure extrusion membrane: 142mm
Diameter of high pressure microporous sheet: 142mm
Maximum design pressure: 70 bar
3\Sterile API Pulverizing system
Pulverization OF Sterile API

With the growth of pharmaceutical preparation industry in China, sterile API pulverizing systems increasingly attract attention, and enjoy constantly extensive applications. Designed for sterile API pulverization process, this complete set of system incorporates the equipment for the discharge, conveyance, pulverization (whole grain), re-conveyance, mixing and metering, etc. of dry sterile APIs.

Characteristics of sterile API Pulverizing system;

1\The operation is performed under completely airtight conditions to minimize the hazards to operators.
2\Effectively alleviate the risk of product contamination by particles and microorganisms.
3\The latest GMP-compliant system assures production safety
4\Materials are transferred and handled throughout the technological process in a closed environment or dynamic level-A environment.

4\Closed Isolation System for Jet Pulverization

Customers are provided with appropriate jet pulverizer isolator system depending on their requirements in project implementation. The ultrafine powder of inflammable, explosive or toxic products shall not be prepared directly in the air, since this may bring about explosion or personal safety accident. In order to cope with various pulverization requirements, isolators specially designed for jet pulverizers of ultrafine powder have been extensively used.
Features of jet pulverizer isolator:
1\The portion in direct contact with material is completely made from 316L stainless steel, and its surface is polished until RA≤0.25μm
2\Other metal portions are made from 316 stainless steel, and their surfaces are polished until RA≤0.8μm
3\The contact portion of visual glass is made from borosilicate
4\The gasket in contact with product is made from PEEK or PTFE
5\The washer in contact with product is made from EPDM or PTFE
6\Ambient temperature: 0~40℃    Operating temperature: 0~50℃