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1. Introduction to API Pulverization

By the time sequence, the preparation processes of tablet typically include pulverization, screening, mixing, granulating, drying, tableting, etc. The pulverization of API is the first and key step in the preparation of tablet. The APIs subjected to consistency evaluation are normally difficult-to-solve ones, of which the particle size is a key factor that determines their dissolution.
Our ultrafine powder jet pulverizer is assembled from fine-finished imported parts; the portion in contact with API is made from 316 stainless steel, while the equipment frame is made from 304 stainless steel.
 Equipment Description
Our equipment is designed with special twin-screw feeding mechanism that assures the feeding uniformity, which contributes to high repeatability during production and guarantees the consistency of particle size of API from batch to batch after pulverization.

2.Pulverization with Closed Isolation

 Introduction to Pulverization with Closed Isolation
With the rapid development of pharmaceutical preparation industry, cancer drugs and hormone drugs raised more rigorous requirements on pharmaceutical equipment and environment; since traditional drug pulverizing equipment poses a great threat to the health of operators because of the trace dust in preparation environment, pulverization systems with closed isolation are being extensively employed. Pulverization system with closed isolation eliminates the threat to operator’s health and avoids drug contamination.
Because we have years of experience in jet pulverization and proven closed isolation system, the pulverization with closed isolation has been applied to the first line of experiment and production.

Equipment Description

Customers are provided with appropriate jet pulverizer isolator system depending on their requirements in project implementation. The ultrafine powder of inflammable, explosive or toxic products shall not be prepared directly in the air, since this may bring about explosion or personal safety accident. In order to cope with various pulverization requirements, isolators specially designed for jet pulverizers of ultrafine powder have been extensively used.

3.Nano Drug Carrying Emulsion

 Introduction to Nano Drug Carrying Emulsion
The mushrooming of nanotechnology and bioengineering nanomaterials in recent years has stimulated the rapid development of nano-structured drug carriers. Since most of the raw materials for the preparation of nano drug carrying emulsion are natural substances, nano drug carrying emulsion technology has been extensively used in the sector of medicine in recent years.

Nano drug carrying emulsion is a thermodynamic temperature protection system with particle size between 10 and 100 nanometers. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules can be well converted by the emulsion into amphiphilic molecules that can be transferred to the polar portion of a nonpolar medium. Today, the most commonly used method to prepare nano drug carrying emulsion is micro-jet homogenization technology with high energy that offers consistent particle size and excellent dispersion, which helps to enhance the drug permeability and its retention time in cells.


Paclitaxel nano drug carrying emulsion production line with an integrated process stretching from homogenization through extrusion to in-process filling.


 Introduction to Nanoliposome

With the development of pharmaceutical preparations, nanoliposomes have attracted great attention in recent years in the fields of biotechnology, drugs, antigens, and gene delivery system. Nanoliposomes are widely used thanks to their modifiable surfaces and high drug loading capacity, etc. The development of nanoliposomes provides a new route for the research of modern drug delivery system, having raised higher and newer requirements for the development of modern pharmaceutics. Nano-liposome drugs developed for treatment of various cell level diseases are playing an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical sector because they have affinity for diseased tissues, have a lethal effect on diseased cells, and can specifically kill tumor cells.
Mass data demonstrated that stable liposomes can be produced by experiment-scale nano liposome extrusion system through production system.
The material can exist stably for a long time and offers a high encapsulation efficiency.


 Introduction to Nanosuspension
Nanosuspension is a nano-particle drug delivery system developed in the late 20th century. As a new preparation technology nanosuspension plays an important role in improving the bioavailability and effective properties of drugs with low solubility.
The hole effect, collision effect and shear effect produced by our micro-jet homogenizer further pulverizes ultrafine-powdered drug particles to the nano level, reducing the particle size and having particles evenly dispersed in dispersant, thereby producing nanosuspension with  prolonged stability.
Suspension Preparation Equipment
After flowing through the one-way valve, the material is pressurized in the high-pressure cavity pump, and hits on the emulsified cavity at subsonic speed after being ejected from the micron-level diamond nozzle; in the meantime, particle size that is small enough and evenly distributed is achieved through intense hole effect and shear effect. Prolonged experiments and production demonstrated that our experiment-scale equipment, pilot equipment and production equipment could produce satisfactory nanosuspension.