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Jet mill
Operating principle:
l The feed gas passes through Venturi nozzle at approx. 50 m/s, carrying the incoming powder product into the flat disk-shaped pulverizing chamber;
l When getting into the pulverizing chamber, the powder is accelerated by the nozzle gas from intermediate ring to supersonic speed (approx. 350m/s) so that it moves helically;
l During the helical motion, the fierce collision between slower particles and faster particles results in the crushing of particles;
l The particles that meet size specifications are carried by gas from the isolator of pulverizing chamber to the collector at the bottom;
l The consumed gas is discharged from the middle, while the ultrafine powder is collected by antistatic filter bag;
Product superiorities:
l From lab-scale to plant-size machine, the process parameters can be scaled up;
l The special pulverizing chamber (imported from Germany) and angled feed pipe design guarantee that one cycle of pulverization offers excellent size distribution of product;
l The small contact area between sample and equipment contributes to high yield;
l Designed with a pneumatic control system (imported from Italy), the main machine requires no power supply, which complies with explosion-proof requirements;
l Multi-sheath filter bag powder collection system, anti-static polyester filter bag (imported from Switzerland), and manual or pneumatic bag shaking system;
Typical applications:
l Pulverization of API
l Pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine
l Pulverization of solid powder for suspension
l Pulverization of inhalant
l Pulverization of raw material of cosmetics
l Pulverization of chemical raw materials